Food & Beverage

Food processing & storage is a critical part of food infrastructure & supply chain. The main challenge in the food & beverage industry is to control & eliminate bacteria. To maintain food & beverage quality & freshness, refrigerant gasses are used in freezing & chilling processes.  Refrigeration gases like Freon 22, Suva 134a, etc. can achieve a quick low temperature cool-down rate. Gorakhram Haribux is India’s oldest & largest supplier of a number of refrigerant gasses suitable for use in the Food & Beverage industry.

Freon® 22 (R-22)

Suva® 134a (R-134a)


Suva® 404A (R-404A)


Suva® 407C (R-407C)


Suva® 410A (R-410A)