GORAKHRAM HARIBUX, incorporated in 1958, is a part of the 60-year-old ALLSTATE Group provides top class service in Refrigeration, Transformers, Photography and Leisure equipment, Software development, Document imaging and management. Our group Companies have agreements with Fortune 500 Companies viz. Fujifilm, Kodak Ltd., GEA, Chemours etc.

With over 60 years of proven leadership we are at the forefront of promoting and supplying environmentally friendly non-ozone depleting refrigerants used for Refrigeration & Air-conditioning. We are also Distributors for Chemours refrigerants who are the leaders in the field.

Gorakhram Haribux is one of the oldest & largest suppliers of gases like R22, R23, R123, R124, R134a, R141b, R227ea [FM200], R236fa, R404a, R407c, R410a, R507, R508b (FREON 95), (FE36), & Vertrel XF for new and existing cooling equipment’s.

At the same time, we are glad to offer direct replacements or substitutes for refrigerants which are going to be phased out i.e. For R-12–FREON–MO–49 OR MO-39, for R-22-FREON MO-29, MO-59 & MO-79 & MO99 & for Low Temperature R-13B1–FREON–MO-89. This all gases are drop-in replacement, where you don’t need any changes in your existing system.

We are introducing new OPTEON series for all above Zero ODP & Low GWP as below:

  1. R134a – HFO1234yf – Auto OEM & XP – 10 (R513a) – Stationery OEM
  2. R123 – XP-30 (R514a)
  3. R404a – XP-40 (R449a) & XP-44 (R452a)
  4. R410a – XL-55 (R452b)

To support the demand of customer we also supply Hydro carbons i.e. R600 (Isobutane), R290 (Propane).

Quality services are provided even to clients buying smaller volumes for which we have a refilling station and storage at Fort, Mumbai and Bhiwandi duly supported by our in-house logistics department.

The company’s branches in Pune, Silvassa, and Kolkata, with resident Representatives in Delhi and major cities enable us to provide our services nationwide.

Finally, our company, our founder, late Shri Ramprasad Ruia, Chairman of the Company, is a pioneer in refrigerant gases in India, and has contributed his expertise to the industry for more than 60 years.