Freon™ MO29 (R-422D)

Freon™ MO29 (R-422D)

Freon ™ MO29 (formerly ISCEON ™ MO29) is an easy-to-use HFC refrigerant that does not degrade the ozone layer. This product was developed to replace the R-22 in domestic, commercial and industrial refrigeration systems including Chiller, Direct Expansion (DX).

Additional Info

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  • Ashrae: R-422D
  • Applications:

    Domestic, commercial and industrial air conditioners :

    - Window air conditioners (ACJ), Split and Self;

    - Chiller with water / air condensation and direct expansion;

    Commercial and industrial refrigeration through direct expansion of medium and low temperatures, including:

    - Supermarket counters;

    - Food refrigeration;

    - Food storage and processing;

    - Ice machines.

    Can be used in:

    Refrigeration, Stationary Air Conditioning
  • Benefits:

    - Provides Easy, Fast and Low Cost Retrofit: Easier than Retrofit with R-404A, R-507 and R-407C, as it generally does not require system modifications;

    - HCF: does not present ozone depletion potential: Its use will not be interrupted due to the Montreal Protocol;

    - Compatible with lubricants based on Mineral Oil (OM), Alkylbenzene (AB) or Polyether Ester (POE): In most cases, it is not necessary to replace the lubricant type of the system;

    - Allows to continue the use of equipment designed for HCFCs;

    - Discharge temperature significantly lower than R-22: Possible prolongation of compressor life;

    - Global Warming Potential (GWP Global Warming Potential) 30% lower than R-404A and R-507;

  • Performance:

    Freon ™ MO29 (formerly ISCEON ™ MO29) provides cooling and energy efficiency similar to R-22 in most systems. Actual performance will depend on the operating conditions and equipment design.

  • Lubricant Recommendation:

    Freon MO29 is compatible with traditional and new lubricants--mineral oil (MO), alkylbenzene (AB) and polyol ester (POE)--in most cases no change of lubricant type during retrofit is needed.

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