Freon™ MO79 (R-422A)

Freon™ MO79 (R-422A)

Freon ™ MO79 (formerly ISCEON ™ MO79) is a fast and simple conversion refrigerant for medium and low temperature direct expansion (DX) systems using R-22 refrigerants, R-502 and HCFCs blends.

Additional Info

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  • Ashrae: R-422A
  • Replaces: R-22, R-502 and mixtures containing HCFCs
  • Applications:

    - Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration of medium and low temperature Direct Expansion (DX)

    - Supermarket Conservation Teams

    - Refrigeration Chambers

    - Ice machines

    Can be used in:

  • Benefits:

    - Easy, fast and less expensive conversion compared to the R-507 and R-404A

    - harmless to the ozone shield

    - It is compatible with all types of oil AM, AB and POE

    - Allows you to continue using existing equipment

    - 20% less global warming potential than the R-507 and R-404A

    - The equipment can be recharged after a leak

  • Performance:

    - Higher cooling capacity than R-22 (approximately 15%) in low temperature conditions

    - Cooling similar to R-404A

    - Field tests show better energy efficiency than the R-22

    - Discharge temperature significantly lower than R-22, which prolongs the life of the compressor

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