Freon™ 134a (R-134a)

Freon™ 134a (R-134a)

Freon™ 134a is an HFC retrofit refrigerant for R-12. It is used in medium- and high-temperature stationary commercial refrigeration, as well as chiller systems and home appliances. In addition, it can be used to retrofit existing R-12 refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

We also supply Freon 134a in cans

Available pack sizes:
340gm tin and 450gm tin
Minimum order quantity:
340gm - 12 tin and 450gm - 15 tin

Additional Info

  • Alt Image: Alt Image
  • Ashrae: R-134a; A1 Safety Classification
  • Replaces: R-12
  • Applications:

    - Medium- and high-temperature:ong

    - stationary commercial refrigeration

    - chiller equipment

    - home appliances

    Retrofit existing R-12 refrigeration and air conditioning equipment

    Can be used in:

    Airport, Automotive Air Conditioning, Commercial & Retail Air Conditioning Food & Beverage, Hospitals, Life Sciences & Biomedical Labs, Refrigeration, Stationary Air Conditioning
  • Benefits:

    - Broadly used in commercial and stationary applications.
  • Lubricant Recommendation: POE for stationary/commercial applications.

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